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Case studies

IChemE Safety Centre’s essential training resource, developed to advance process safety worldwide.

Case studies are used as a training resource throughout the process industries, to communicate vital process safety lessons, without repeating the same costly mistakes.They illustrate the complex causes behind an accident, which our IChemE Safety Centre’s (ISC) Case Studies bring to life, in a real-time setting.

Users of our Case Studies will experience each process safety incident as it unfolds, without prior knowledge of the outcome. This approach provides a rare opportunity for users to make crucial safety decisions, at designated points throughout the training session, and discover how each of their decisions impacts on the incident.

The interactive and engaging nature of our Case Studies helps to embed the lessons learnt from the training sessions, enabling users to enhance their understanding and application of process safety procedures.

The case study collection

Coal Mine cover image

Coal Mine – simulating design, construction and commissioning decisions

This study guides users through the challenging practice of engineering decision making, this time focussing on the design, construction and commissioning of a coal mine. It highlights the pressures of budget and schedule, enabling users to experience how these factors influence vital decisions.
Gas Plant cover image

Gas Plant – simulating operational decisions

In this study the user will encounter a stream of crucial decision making points, which would typically occur while on shift, operating a gas plant. Users will practice managing the tenuous balance between meeting production output targets, while managing a process upset. 
Tank Farm cover image

Tank Farm – simulating operational decisions

This study exposes the user to a series of challenges associated with operating a tank farm. They will make ongoing decisions about the operations, comparable to those that could occur while on shift. Users will practice managing the tenuous balance between meeting production output targets, while adhering to essential safety requirements.

Offshore Platform - simulating incident investigation

In this study the user will play the role of the incident investigator tasked with identifying the root causes.  The case study explores the complexity behind the incident and prompts the user to identify the true causes beyond the immediate direct cause.

Lift off - exploring decision making

This case study takes the user through the process of making critical decisions within a complex organisation as they manage a busy launch schedule.  It highlights the ethical pressures of working within existing processes to solve problems.

Tidal Wave - Emergency Response

This case study will take the user through an emergency response event as it unfolds.  It highlights the different risks and challenges of responding to a natural hazard triggering a technological accident.



Formats and features

Our Case Studies are video based, supplied on a USB stick, with facilitation notes to underpin decision making discussions. 

Sample video footage




The engineering concepts and learnings behind the case studies are explained in lay terms, ensuring they’re suitable for a range of audiences; from operatives to executives, throughout the different process industries. Key Features include:

  • 35-40 minutes of animated video footage to supplement a 90-120 minute training session

  • two versions of the video footage on each USB, one with group exercises and decision making points, the second with decision making points only

  • all video footage will be launched from a PowerPoint presentation for easy access

  • detailed suite of handouts for group exercises and decision points

  • comprehensive facilitator notes, to explain the exercises

Pricing and contact details

The ISC Case Studies are available to buy online >>

12 month commerical training licences are also available, for more information please download our leaflet or contact the publications sales team on +44 (0)1788 534470 or


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