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The IChemE Safety Centre’s annual training programme covers a wide range of areas, which ensure we are at the forefront of improving safety standards throughout the industry. Through this training programme we:

  • run a number of IChemE open and in-company safety courses
  • offer a course approval service based on expert peer review
  • offer accreditation of organisations internal training courses
  • set the standards of safety knowledge and commitment that chemical engineers have to satisfy in order to become Chartered
  • set the standards of safety knowledge and commitment for those wanting specialist designation as PEng (Process Safety)
  • set and monitor standards of process safety content and culture in degree courses

IChemE Safety Centre open and in-company courses

The annual training programme offers the following courses in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the Middle East. These are content-led and run by IChemE:


Asset Integrity Management in the Process Industries
Comprehensive Explosion Science
Consequence Modelling Techniques
Emergency Planning
Explosion Risk Management
Fundamentals of Process Safety
Fundamentals of Nuclear Safety
Hazard Identification Techniques
HAZOP Awareness
HAZOP Study for Team Leaders and Team Members 
HAZOP Leadership and Management
Human Factors in Health and Safety
Inherent Safety in Design and Operation Development
Managing the Hazards of Flare Systems
Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
Process Risk Assessment
Process Safety Awareness
Process Safety Leadership and Culture
Process Safety Key Performance Indicators and PSM Auditing
Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF)

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Fundamentals of Process Safety - Perth
Fundamentals of Process Safety - Brisbane
HAZOP Study for Team Leaders and Team Members - Perth
Human Factors in Health and Safety
Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) - Melbourne
Process Safety and the Board 
Inherent Safety in Design & Operational Development - Melbourne

New Zealand

Fundamentals of Process Safety
Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
Process Safety and the Board


Fundamentals of Process Safety
Inherent Safety in Design and Operation Development
HAZOP for Team Leaders and Team Members

In-company training

All our courses can be run in-company at a convenient time and location. The content of the course is tailor-made to address company needs and operational processes. To discuss your training requirements and receive a quotation, contact the courses department >>

Process Safety and the Board: an Executive Programme in Process Safety Management

Designed to facilitate discussion between board members and executive teams in industries with major process hazards, this event helps boards to review their understanding of process safety management as a way of keeping their operations safe and of meeting their obligations for the direction of their organisations. More information >>

IChemE course approval

IChemE is committed to raising the standards of process safety training. As well as running a number of our own safety courses, IChemE offer course approval to external safety providers who can satisfy the rigorous standards set by our expert peer review panel, led by experts drawn from IChemE’s process safety community. Approved courses give individuals and employers confidence that the training in which they invest their time and money is of appropriate quality. IChemE course approval is also available for organisation’s in-company training, as well as courses offered by educational institutions and training providers.

How course approval works

Course providers submit full details of course content and structure, along with details of the qualifications and experience of the intended course presenters. Peer review *, by experts drawn from IChemE’s process safety community, typically Chartered chemical engineers with many year’s experience as practitioners or trainers in process safety. Further information may be required, if necessary.

On successful peer review, the course is given the IChemE ‘rubber stamp’ and may be described as an ‘IChemE Approved Course’ with the IChemE logo displayed, in conjunction with this phrase, on course literature and advertising (IChemE branding guidelines apply). The course is also included, if desired, in our annual courses catalogue, website, tce magazine listing, and monthly events bulletin -adding to the marketing reach of the course.

*IChemE reserves the right, in connection with any approved course, to send an observer to attend all or part of a course; to have sight of delegate feedback; to seek user comment directly; or to review end-of-course assessments, where applicable.

For more information or to submit a course for approval contact Tracey Donaldson, email: tdonaldson@icheme.org or tel: +44 (0) 1788 534442.

Training packages

Self-contained training packages which cover areas such as risk assessment and safety management. Each package can be broken down into sections which enable short, interactive delivery sessions. Case studies, training notes and presentations are also included. More information >>


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